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The perfect indoor climate for work and rest

Ewona is a Finnish company whose expertise lies in insulation and acoustic solutions. Creating acoustic and insulation solutions that are completely dust and allergy free is our passion, as we spend most of our lives indoors. 

We create spaces that stand the test of time, leave room for sound and life, and increase well-being, energy, and productivity. We produce solutions that amplify beneficial sounds, such as speech or music, and attenuate unwanted sounds, such as noise. Our products, made of up to 85% recycled material, create the indoor climate of the future.

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Here's how you can make a difference by choosing an Ewona product

The surface area for acoustic treatment

1000 m2
10 5 000 10 000

Reduced CO2-emissions


Carbon dioxide emission savings from using recycled material in manufacturing

Impact in kilometres driven


The CO2 savings resulting from using recycled material are equivalent to driving this number of kilometres in an average passenger car.

Material savings counted in sports socks pcs


The number of raw materials saved as result of the material recycling equals this number of sports socks.


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