Ewonan turvalliset ja allergiaystävälliset akustiikkapaneelit voi tilata mustana tai valkoisena.


Top quality acoustics create a comfortable indoor environment

The Ewona Acustica™ is a safe and lightweight noise dampening material whose raw material fibres are clean polyester with up to 50% recycled content. The fibre does not release harmful substances into the environment even in the long run. Acoustic panels are allergy safe, and they’re often used in demanding applications such as schools, daycares, hospitals, gyms, and other public buildings. Good acoustics create a pleasant space where it is easy to work, study, play, or otherwise spend time.


Acustica Basic

The Ewona Acustica Basic is a safe and lightweight acoustic panel whose raw material fibre is pure polyester that does not release harmful particles into the environment even in the long run. Absorption class A.

Acustica Excellence

The Acustica Excellence products offer the most advanced features in their category. Create a pleasant and allergy safe space – Acustica Excellence absorbs nuisance sounds very effectively. Absorption class A.

Acustica Premium

The Acustica Premium has versatile properties and plenty of potential for creating different shapes and colours.

Background Acoustics

These background acoustic panels made of sustainably recycled material are suitable for background acoustics in all spaces. Its special features include being dustless and easy to clean.

Our acoustic panels have been granted the allergy label ®

Acoustics are one of the key factors affecting the safety and comfort of any space. Ewona considers it essential that acoustic solutions are made correctly, with high-quality materials, and with consideration for the health of those who spend their time in the room.

The allergy label® is part of The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s advocacy work with industry; it aims to make sure that the market receives products and services whose materials and ingredients do not commonly irritate or sensitize the skin. Such products do not cause odour sensitivities or other allergic or asthmatic reactions. Ewona’s acoustic panels and sound insulation meet the requirements of both the allergy label and the M1 emissions and cleanliness classification.

The Allergy Label is an indication of reliability granted to products that have been impartially examined. The products do not contain fragrances, scents, etheric oils, or commonly sensitizing or irritating substances or their concentrations. The products do not contain ingredients from mycorrhizal flowers. In the context of appliances and matters related to construction, renovation, and interior design, the label signifies that they can positively impact indoor air quality.

Safe Acoustics from a Domestic Manufacturer

Achieve the right acoustics in indoor spaces with Ewona Acustica acoustic panels. The panels are completely dust-free and allergy-safe. Acoustic panels do not retain moisture, making them unsuitable as a breeding ground for molds or other microbes. Acoustic panels are also used in sound absorbers since they do not release particles into the indoor air.

Acoustics significantly affect comfort, health, and well-being. Ewona’s acoustic panels are suitable for nearly any type of construction when the goal is to create comfortable and healthy indoor environments. The panels are installed without painting and encapsulation, so, for example, drilling holes does not pose later problems for indoor air.

Ewona’s acoustic panels, favored by professionals, are easily moldable and suitable for various spaces. The products dampen sounds, help control echoes, and also act as thermal insulation. The installation of dust-free panels is easy, and working without protective gear does not irritate the respiratory tract or skin. Ewona Acustica products can be cleaned by vacuuming or brushing. Any adhered dirt can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth without the use of strong solvents

Learn more about the allergy label here.

Here's how you can make a difference by choosing an Ewona product

The surface area for acoustic treatment

1000 m2
10 5 000 10 000

Reduced CO2-emissions


Carbon dioxide emission savings from using recycled material in manufacturing

Impact in kilometres driven


The CO2 savings resulting from using recycled material are equivalent to driving this number of kilometres in an average passenger car.

Material savings counted in sports socks pcs


The number of raw materials saved as result of the material recycling equals this number of sports socks.

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