Kodin akustiikka tekee asumisesta mukavaa. Mies, vaimo ja lapsi ovat muuttaneet uuteen kotiin.

Residential construction

An ideal material for the place where we spend most of our lives

We spend most of our lives at home, so it’s essential that our living spaces are healthy far into the future. There are cases where a person has been forced to leave their beloved home after becoming ill from chemicals released by building materials or from subsequent damage to the material, such as mould. 

We want to play our part with acoustic and insulation products that do not gather or release dust, cause asthma, allergy, skin or odour sensitivity symptoms, or release any substances into the indoor air. Our panels also dampen the sounds created by everyday living, which further improves the comfort of living spaces. In addition to improving the lives of residents, our solution also contributes to the maintenance of the building itself and preserving its value for the next owner, as the material we use does not moulder.

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