Mies työskentelee äänistudiossa ja tekee musiikka. Työssä tarvitaan laadukasta akustointia.

Other applications

Our products are very versatile!

Do you have a hobby workshop or a band setup in your garage? Would you like a safe play area for children that dampens the noise of play nicely, or would you like your family’s utility room to have a moisture-resistant wall surface, sound absorption, and an artwork that fits the style?

For all of these and more, we recommend our acoustic panelling which absorbs sound but nothing else. It also does not release chemicals or particles into the room and does not cause skin problems, odour sensitivities, asthma, or allergies. The material we manufacture and develop from environmentally friendly raw materials does not moulder or release dust. Whatever you are planning that needs healthy and long-lasting insulation material, be sure to ask Ewona!

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