Miest ja nainen keskustelevat teollisuushallissa, jonka akustiikka vaikuttaa työn sujuvuuteen.

Industrial and production facilities

Safer and healthier industrial production

Industrial production facilities are demanding enviroment for surface materials. Depending on the type of production, the surrounding space is exposed to different physical and chemical influences, making it necessary to consider the fire safety, wear resistance and, for example, how susceptible to dirt the interior surfaces are. 

All of these have been taken into account in Ewona’s panel solutions, which are suitable for a wide range of spaces – including industry. Our products are fire safe, flexible, and shockproof, and do not easily absorb chemicals or dust. The product does not release anything into the room air, and it meets the M1 emission and purity classification. Our maintenance-free acoustic panelling is made of up to 85% recycled material, and it’s also safe for health. It does not irritate the skin and does not cause respiratory symptoms, which is a significant point as more and more attention is being paid to employee well-being, both in companies and by the authorities.

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