Ewona’s products were the first pick from a safety perspective at the Orimattila Areena


Arkmill, who designed Orimattila’s new swimming and exercise hall, wanted to create a sustainable and safe building complex to replace the old one.

Architect Tapio Antikainen, who specialises in the design of swimming pools, has been using Ewona’s products for more than a decade. According to Antikainen, the most significant factors leading to him select Ewona products for his designs are the allergy label, the life-cycle thinking about products, and the dust-free nature of the panelling.

In the old sports hall, there were holes in the acoustic panels on the walls from being hit with balls, which was feared to cause indoor air problems on the site. With Ewona products, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

According to Antikainen, cooperation with Ewona has always been smooth and most importantly: When you use Ewona’s acoustic products, you know that you are making safe spaces for your customers.

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