Ewona & the Harjavalta sports and swimming hall – Building a functional indoor climate in a demanding environment

Katosta seinille laskeutuvia valkoisia Ewona Acustica Basic -akustiikkalevyjä Harjavallan liikuntahallissa.

The Harjavalta sports and swimming hall, completed in 2013, was deliberately designed with acoustic solutions to create a pleasant sound environment. Due to the characteristics of the space, a material was required that would not trap moisture and would not be susceptible to mould, but would withstand the hard use and impacts typical of a sports facility.
Barrisol, a manufacturer of high-quality suspended ceilings and walls made of PVC-based recyclable copolymer material, supplied suspended ceilings for the Harjavalta sports and swimming hall. Harri Suoperä works as a Product Manager at Barrisol, and shed light on the background of the project.

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From moist vapour to environmental friendliness

On the swimming pool side, the design and choice of materials must pay particular attention to the humidity of the space and the chlorine fumes rising from the pool. On the sports hall side, however, special requirements arise from the users. These halls are in heavy use and the acoustic panels must be able to withstand, say, basketballs flying into the wall with great force. The material must be very shock resistant and flexible,” Suoperä said.

As environmental friendliness was also considered important, Ewona’s black 50 mm Acustica Basic acoustic panels were chosen for the Harjavalta sports and swimming hall. On the sports hall side, additional acoustic insulation descending from the ceiling along the wall was used to absorb the impacts of the wall.

Choosing Ewona panelling was also influenced by the eco-friendliness of the material. The products are made from up to 85% recycled materials, and they will create the indoor climate of the future that will stand the test of time and use.

There’s more to Ewona’s products 

With over 20 years of experience, Suopera knows the benefits of different products. He knows how to avoid potential problems by choosing the right products: “If there is water damage in a room, for example due to a leaking roof, and water drips onto the Ewona panels, there is no need to replace them. Ewona materials dry by themselves. This is an immensely valuable feature in humid spaces.”

Also, unlike other wool materials, Ewona does not release fibres into the room air,” he continued. The dust-free and allergy-free Ewona products are also used to direct ambient light in the Harjavalta sports hall and swimming pool, as the white surface reflects light well. This also promotes better acoustics at the same time.

Eventually, all choices led to Ewona

Harri Suoperä found Ewona’s production chain very flexible. Barrisol was able to determine what it wanted, and Ewona carried out everything that was ordered for delivery. “They adapt to our every need. All of our orders have always been converted to Ewona – also because they can be manufactured as large sheets.

Suopera also sees the value in punctual deliveries: “Since 2009, Ewona has never once had any delivery difficulties, and everything always happens precisely according to schedule. We haven’t had to make a single complaint.”

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