Pieni tyttö istuu nalle sylissään sängyllä potilashuoneessa. Sairaalan akustiikka vaikuttaa sisäilmastoon.

Hospitals and nursing homes

A noise-free sound environment is soothing

Special attention must be paid when designing hospitals and nursing homes, as children, the elderly, and the sick spend long periods of time in these spaces. Allergy-free insulation and acoustic solutions ensure that dirt and dust, as well as the microbes that they may carry, do not pose an infection risk to patients.

Acoustic panels are attached without painting and encapsulation, so that e.g. making holes will not cause problems for indoor air later on – which is important when we want healthier and more comfortable buildings. In addition, good acoustics are one of the key aspects of patient-oriented hospital design – a noise-free sound environment promotes calmness and can speed up recovery.

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