RoughCut – Decorative Lath Panel

The RoughCut is a stylish and easy-to-install new product for interior decoration and improving indoor acoustics.

  • Back panel material: polyester (50%) recycled material
  • Back panel colours: Black
  • Coated MDF frame. Coated either with genuine wood veneer or imitation wood film
  • All products are coated with a UV lacquer and do not require surface treatment.
  • Lath material: MDF frame, MEL film coating on the front surface, lath sides with MDF cut surface, untreated
    Coating: Light imitation nut

RoughCut decorative lath panels are available to purchase:

  • From Ewona’s online store
  • Directly from Ewona as B2B sales
  • From many hardware stores
  • From the following online stores:
    • (coming soon)
    • (coming soon)
    • (coming soon)
Product data sheet: Installation manual
  • Panel size (mm): 600 x 2700 mm
  • Back panel thickness: 6 mm
  • Lath size: 10 x 30 mm, with a 20 mm gap
  • Fire class: This product has not yet been classified for fire safety. The back panel’s fire class is B-s1,d0
  • Back panel colours: Black

Product information

The Ewona RoughCut is a decorative lath panel made in Finland

Ewona’s RoughCut decorative acoustic lath panels are a stylish interior and acoustic solution designed for interior walls and ceilings. They can be used as an interior decoration element that makes a real statement, and they’ll also promote a pleasant, non-echoing soundscape. Lath panels are delivered as sheets, which makes them easy to shape and to install. Decorative lath panelling is an allergy-safe and durable sound absorption material that promotes well-being and increases comfort.

These lath panels combine the best features of the Ewona product family; they are a high-quality Finnish product, and the lath panel’s acoustic back panel is made of 50% recycled material. The product is easy to clean by vacuuming or gently brushing between the laths and by wiping the laths and the back panel with a damp cloth.

You can easily create comfortable and visually attractive indoor decoration solutions for a wide range of spaces with the RoughCut decorative acoustic lath panels! In addition to your home, it is also a great choice for offices and business premises, reception facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, cinemas, sports facilities, schools, and daycares. RoughCut creates a pleasant soundscape wherever one is needed!

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