Acustica Excellence

The Acustica Excellence products offer the most advanced features in their category. Create a pleasant and allergy safe space – Acustica Excellence absorbs nuisance sounds very effectively. Absorption class A.

  • For ceiling and wall structures
  • Dust-free; does not release harmful particles into indoor air
  • Easy and pleasant to install
  • Can be printed and dyed
  • Shockproof, Class 1A, EN 13964
  • Allergy safe
  • Suitable for textile recycling at the end of its life cycle

Acustica Excellence products can be purchased:

Product data sheet: Acustica Excellence
Product data sheet: Declaration of performance (DOP)
Product data sheet: Installation tools
  • Panel thicknesses: 30, 40 and 50 mm
  • Standard sizes: 592 x 592 (module size 600 x 600) and 592 x 1192 (module size 600 x 1200)
  • Other panel sizes are also available by special order

Product sales

This product cannot currently be purchased via the online store. However, you can inquire about the product by e-mail or via the form at the bottom of the page, if you wish.

Product information

The Ewona Acustica Excellence an acoustic panel that is perfect for improving the acoustics of a variety of rooms. Since these acoustic panels are completely dust-free allergy safe, they’re often used in demanding locations. Typical applications include daycares, schools, health centres, hospitals, industrial and production facilities, and other public spaces where the quality of the indoor climate needs special attention. The Acustica Excellence acoustic panels are also suitable for residential construction.

The Acustica Excellence acoustic panels are manufactured from clean and partially recycled raw polyester fibre material. More than 50% of the manufacturing material is made of recycled raw material. These acoustic panels have also received The Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s allergy label: the products meet the allergy safety criteria and do not contain typical sensitizing and irritating components or materials. Ewona’s products also meet the M1 criteria for emissions and cleanliness, which means that the products do not smell and that they meet low emission requirements.

Our products are CE marked according to the European Harmonised Standard EN13964:2014. CE marked construction products have a Declaration of Performance (DOP) documentation.

High quality and clean acoustic panels are an essential part of a clean and healthy indoor climate. They help to create the right kind of indoor acoustics that amplify beneficial sounds and suppress nuisance sounds. Beneficial sounds include e.g. speech or music that you want to be heard clearly.

The acoustic panels are mounted on the wall and ceiling without painting and encapsulation, so e.g. making holes does not cause problems for indoor air quality later on. This is important for making building structures that are healthier and giving them a more comfortable indoor climate. Installation does not require protective equipment, as working on the materials does not irritate the respiratory tract or the skin. You can find more information on installing the panels on the downloadable product card.

The colour of the acoustic panels can be picked according to the interior design of each room. The standard panel colours are white, grey, and black, and other colours are available by special order The acoustic panels are easy to shape, making them flexible enough to install in a variety of spaces. Because Ewona’s products are pure, they are safe to modify and shape.

The high-quality Acustica Excellence acoustic panelling is a sustainable solution. It retains its quality for a long time, and it’s easy to clean with a brush or a vacuum. Stubborn dirt can be removed with just water and a well-diluted detergent solution. After its life cycle, the panels are suitable for textile recycling.

We also recommend ordering an Ewona wool knife to help you cut and shape our products.  You can find the wool knife and sharpener here.

Technical specifications

Ewona Acustica Excellence 30 mmFire classAbsorption classCoating options
On a surfaceSuspendedOn a surfaceSuspended
Bs1d0Bs1d0CAWhite, black, grey
Ewona Acustica Excellence 40 mmFire classAbsorption classCoating options
On a surfaceSuspendedOn a surfaceSuspended
Bs1d0Bs1d0AAWhite, black, grey
Ewona Acustica Excellence 50 mmFire classAbsorption classCoating options
On a surfaceSuspendedOn a surfaceSuspended
Bs1d0Bs1d0AAWhite, black, grey

Here's how you can make a difference by choosing an Ewona product

The surface area for acoustic treatment

1000 m2
10 5 000 10 000

Reduced CO2-emissions


Carbon dioxide emission savings from using recycled material in manufacturing

Impact in kilometres driven


The CO2 savings resulting from using recycled material are equivalent to driving this number of kilometres in an average passenger car.

Material savings counted in sports socks pcs


The number of raw materials saved as result of the material recycling equals this number of sports socks.

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