Toimiston työpisteet avokonttorissa. Tilan akustiikka tekee toimistosta meluttoman ja sopivan yhteiseen työskentelyyn.

Office spaces

Increase productivity for office work

Many people work in offices, where comfort is partly correlated with productivity. Everyone is probably familiar with how hard it is to think when the air is stagnant, and how stressful meetings can be in rooms where talking becomes cacophonic. Spending dozens of hours a week in an office space, perhaps for decades, highlights the importance of not only daily comfort but also long-term health considerations, such as the impact of interior materials on the potential onset of asthma or allergies. We have solved the aforementioned problems with a material that creates a good indoor climate for your office. Our air-quality and noise-repellent interior panels help improve productivity and prevent health hazards far into the future!

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