The health centre was designed to be a health-promoting environment in Savonlinna

Etelä-Savon hyvinvointialueen Sosterin Savonlinnaan vuonna 2022 valmistunut pääterveysasema ulkoa päin.

Savonlinna’s new main health centre was completed in April 2022. The new health centre contrasts perfectly with the cramped and dim spaces that were typically built in the 1980s. Riitta Pikkuhookana, interior architect at Reino Koivula Oy, is the architect behind the interior solutions and material choices- According to her, the themes and visual appearance of Savonlinna’s main health centre are strongly based on local culture and the surrounding nature. The geography and local character of East Savo has also been taken into account in the naming of the floors, which bear the names of the local cities and towns in the Sosteri Hospital District. 

Pikkuhookana says that local stories and mythologies come to life as illustrations on different surfaces. The illustrations were created by architect and illustrator Mikko Sinervo. According to Pikkuhookaka, the main focus has instead been on the stunning landscapes that can be seen through the wall-sized windows from different parts of the building. The patients have given good feedback on the design. They have described the new health centre as a wonderful, bright, and healing environment. The acoustic panels also ensure a good soundscape.

Magnificent landscapes are given pride of place at Savonlinna’s main health centre.

Acoustic panels create a comfortable sound environment

Acoustics and a clean indoor climate that supports well-being play a key role in the choice of materials for the health centre. Pikkuhookana says that she chooses Ewona’s products precisely because of their acoustic properties. 

Ewona’s acoustic panels are often used in demanding locations such as schools or daycares to amplify beneficial sounds such as speech and to dampen nuisance sounds such as noise. Ewona’s acoustic panel is also an excellent fit for the healthcare unit due to the allergy label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The allergy label indicates a product that has been manufactured with materials and substances that do not irritate or sensitize the skin. In addition to its wellness features, Ewona’s products can be used to create beautiful spaces that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday living. The premises of the main health centre has a surface installation with ash veneer laths. 

This has been intended not only to create a warm atmosphere, but also a pleasant sound environment,” says Pikkuhookana. 

The acoustic ash veneer surface provides a pleasant sound environment.

Ewona’s products are an installer-friendly choice 

Usko Räisänen, installation manager at Inlook Oy, who was involved in the construction project of the new main health centre in Savonlinna, says that Ewona was a natural choice for the material used in the main health centre. Ewona’s products are allergy safe and have achieved an M1 emission and purity rating, making them an excellent choice for a healthcare facility.

Acoustic panels provide the perfect indoor climate for a health centre, but according to Räisänen, special attention must also be paid to the impact on installation workers when choosing materials. The Ewona acoustic panels are manufactured using recycled polyester as the main raw material, which does not pollute or release harmful substances into the environment, even during installation.

Räisänen also likes Ewona’s acoustic panels for their light weight and their adaptibility that can suit practically any application. The main health centre in Savonlinna was planned to have a certain number of acoustic structures on the ceiling and behind the wall cladding, so Räisänen felt that Ewona’s products were the perfect choice for the facility. 

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