The Ewona wool knife & sharpener

Ewona’s materials can be cut with practically any large knife, but it’s easiest with an Ewona wool knife. It’s most essential feature is the blade designed for cutting polyester fibre. The wool knife is designed for professional use, making it the best choice in terms of quality and other features.

The Ewona wool knife and sharpener can be purchased:

  • From the online store
  • Directly from Ewonalta when ordering other products
  • From many hardware stores
  • From the following online stores:
  • From the following wholesalers (note: not from online stores):
    • Onninen
    • Ahlsell
    • Dahl
Product data sheet: Special tools for cutting Ewona products

Product sales

This product cannot currently be purchased via the online store. However, you can inquire about the product by e-mail or via the form at the bottom of the page, if you wish.

Product information

Special tools for cutting Ewona products

Ewona’s products are easy to shape, as long as you use the right tools that are well sharpened. All Acustica, Wool and background acoustic products can be altered using the same tools, regardless of their thickness and density.

A sharpener is provided with the knife.

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