Ewona & Apollo Kino: Acoustic design is an essential part of the cinema experience

Elokuvateatterissa on erivärisiä ja muotoisia akustiikkalevyjä, jotka ovat lisäksi allergiavapaita.

The most important starting points for acoustic design are the users of the building or space and its intended use. Acoustics play a special role in the cinema visitor experience. Sometimes when the sound becomes garbled or the speech cannot be heard clearly in a cinema, the problem is often to do with the acoustics.

Acoustic design enhances the cinematic experience

Ewona’s acoustic panels are an ideal choice for cinemas, as they meet all the acoustic and allergy safety requirements of a cinema.

The Apollo Kino franchise used Ewona’s acoustic panels in 2018–2019. These cinemas were located in Estonia: Eden in Tartu, Ulemiste Centre in Tallinn, and Acropole in Riga, Latvia. Ari Saarinen, Development Manager at Apollo Group, discussed the projects in brief with us.

We used Ewona acoustic panels for the acoustic damping of the theatre rooms,” Saarinen said.

Allergy free properties are key factors

Ewona’s panels are M1 certified, meaning they do not irritate the skin even during the installation process. This benefits both the contractors working on the cinema’s construction as well as the people who will be using it once completed.

Ewona’s products have some great features. Their Acoustic panels are hypoallergenic, which means that they do not create dust or irritate the skin, like other acoustic damping materials,” Saarinen said.

Using colours to create an atmosphere

The comfort of a cinema depends on many things, including the colour scheme. Customizable colours are a special feature that can let you design a space according to your desires.

Ewona’s panels can also be ordered to fit specific dimensions and tinted completely black,” Saarinen added.

According to Saarinen, working with Ewona was smooth and the delivery of the goods was in line with expectations.

“I’m happy to recommend Ewona,” Saarinen summed up his experience.

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